Third Generation Sequencing

Step 1

Denature DNA.

Data Analysis

Step 2

Heavy atom labeling of DNA.

Data Analysis

Step 3

DNA alignment on substrate.

Data Analysis

Step 4

Electron Microscopy Imaging of DNA.

Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Step 5

Data Analysis.

Third Generation Sequencing with ZS Genetics: ZS Genetics is developing a revolutionary new approach to DNA sequencing, literally reading the sequence of DNA by looking at the molecules and distinguishing the different letters (base pairs) in the DNA from one another, the same way you are distinguishing the letters in this sentence.  Our patented technology combines DNA modified with a few heavy atoms per base pair and the incredible magnification of the electron microscope to make small differences obvious.    

This technology will read the sequence of DNA molecules that are hundreds of times longer than any existing technology, much closer to the length that nature uses to encode data.  Moreover, this information will come from individual molecules, overcoming the limits of existing sequencing technologies.    

The ZSG sequencing technology approach provides advantages that are critical to the needs of researchers to drive the next round of discovery: single molecule data and very long molecule (long read) capabilities.  

Single Molecule     


No amplification required

Avoid the errors of amplification and zero in on specific targets while avoiding “averaging out” problems.

 Very Long Reads     


20,000+ Base pair reads

Sequence entire human genomes in days, including the critical sections that cannot be read at all.